At we perform the most vigorous Quality Control on all watches before they are shipped out to you.

We Start off the Process by using a Pace Calibration Machine to check the Pace of all Automatic Watches.

1) Calibration

A. For Standard Automatic Swiss ETA and Swiss Quartz/Quartz Chrono, Accuracy to to +/- 10 secs.

B. For Automatic Chronograph (Swiss Movement, Eg. Swiss 7750) , Accuracy to +/- 3 to 5 secs

C. For Standard Automatic (Asia Movement, eg. 2813/4813), Accuracy to +/- 8 to 13 secs

We will try out best to achieve the best accuracy / rating for you. Don”t be fool be competing amatuer and novice dealers claiming they can do better accuracy then about stated. This is the best possible rating that can be achieved because these are replica watches

Example of a watch on Calibration Machine with timing readings.


2) Waterproofing

All watches will be given FREE waterproofing service ( 1FT to 33FT ). Again we will try our best to get the best rating for you. The method of testing is the “Dry Method” using a Dry Pressure Rating Equipment such as this one.

3) Physical and Quality Inspection

We perform an Eye inspection on all Watches before they ship out. Inspection includes the following Steps below :

1) Seconds hand running smoothly without and bumps

2) No Dirt Hidden under the Crystals

3) After the Waterproofing Quality Control Prcedure, We need to make sure all watches are Cleaned and Polished again

4) We make sure Clasps and Buckles Closes and Fits Properly with No Loose Screws on the Straps

5) Make sure there are no visible Scratches or Markers any where on the Watch, Crystal and Strap.

6) Polish the Crystal with our own In House Crystals Wax to give it the Shine and Clarity that it should have.

At we provide the best possible service during pre and post sales and make sure customers get the best of what they have paid for, thus not requiring them to shop elsewhere.